Bug Sweeps

Electric Surveillance

Electronic surveillance is a way of monitoring a home, business, or individual (using a variety of devices such as CCTV, television, wiretapping, cameras, digital video equipment, and other electronic, digital, and audio-visual means). Today, electronic surveillance can also refer to surveillance done by or on a computer or mobile phone.

Hidden Camera Detection | Tapped Phones

Electronic Surveillance Detection is a thorough sweep of your location or vehicle using sophisticated electronic equipment and physical search techniques to detect microphones, hidden cameras, gps tracking devices, and other recorders and transmitters.  This examination will also check for telephone system and security vulnerabilities.

**If you suspect that your home or office has been compromised, contact us immediately from a secure location. Do not use a phone or computer that you suspect has been compromised,  Also,  do not discuss your concerns while in the physical space you suspect has been compromised.**

Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking penetrates the system, taking advantage of any vulnerabilities in the system, to see what is wrong. The person doing this, MS Recoveries & Investigations in this case, is on your side. When they look for these vulnerabilities, they are doing so to help the business. Their objective is to understand any security flaws in a system in order to fix them. Doing this prevents any actual hackers, anyone who wants to cause harm, to have their way with your system. With us, you should be able to close up any open holes and keep your system secure.

Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is being able to run a string-search for email, when no email client is obvious. An analysis will reveal Internet usage, recover data, and accomplish a full analysis of the information to identify the relevant information sought even after the computer has been de-fragmented and/or formatted. It is using industry-standard methodology, and supplying you with a detailed and clear written report.