How much does each service cost?

Depending on the complexity of service and the time window allotted, the price may vary. We can discuss pricing and options during your free consultation. Otherwise base prices can be found on our payments page.

How do you find people?

Finding people (skip tracing) is an art that most people think is easy. You could use online resources and pay a set fee for information that is only accurate up to 6 months to 1+ years ago. Skip tracing professionals have access to tools and networking abilities only offered to professionals in the field; which allows for much more accuracy and updated information. This includes mail forwarding, DOL, IRS, and person to person fact finding as well as  other databases only accessible by them.

This information isn’t readily available to the common public, and  requires specialized professionals to have access to it which is where we come in. Our network and tools that we have access to allow for many different resources at any given time. Our information is accurate and on point sometimes giving our clients 2 to 3 addresses recently used by the person being searched, and association.

How long do you take per case?

This is an open-ended question. Each case is unique in its own way and can take a different amount of time. For instance process service usually takes 1-3 days to complete however situational events could happen delaying that service. Delays such as the person to be served is out of state, camping, or could be gone for any period of time. Conducting an investigation could take days, weeks & even months to gather all the information needed for the case.

Will my case be discussed with anyone who inquires?

The short answer is no. We do not discuss cases we work to anyone outside of our company. Your privacy is important to us and we will protect and preserve that fact. However, if requested by you or ordered and summoned from the court, we may release information for proceedings, and limit information to only what is needed for that purpose.

What action is taken if you cant provide the service?

For process serving and recovery service, you don’t pay until the job is complete. For private investigation services; there is a retainer fee in most cases to obtain our services. As per contractual agreement for investigative service, there is a 24 hour grace period to receive all funds back if work has not started. However, once the investigation’s underway, if we come up with nothing within the time notated as per contractual agreement; then we will take the fees from hours worked along with other miscellaneous fees and can discuss options with you.