History of the company

Our company was created in 2003 by its founder and current Owner Matthew Schultz. During this time, the company was known as M&S Recoveries and did business under that name under a partnership until 2004 as to which underwent a name change to MS Recoveries. Later in 2005 the name changed again, this time to MS Recoveries & Investigations due to the increasing number of cases that were taken on weekly.

MS Recoveries & Investigations went on to close news-breaking cases. One of which made case study and case law which can be found HERE. -This case involves the sole question of whether a bail bond recovery agent is required to give Miranda warnings.

Further cases worked from 2006 to 2012 involved MS Recoveries & Investigations and its investigators|agents breaking news across Washington State which garnered media attention due to the high profile cases. This lead to further business given to MS Recoveries & Investigations allowing its agents to become state trainers for Washington State. Our agents underwent rigorous training techniques and certifications that led to required training by the state for bail bond recovery agents to obtain their state licenses for recovering fugitives who missed court while out on bail.

In December of 2012, Matthew moved to Boise, ID maintaining company activity in Washington State and Idaho until August of 2015 where MS Recoveries & Investigations became an Idaho LLC. MS recoveries specializes in Private investigations in Idaho, Skip Tracing, Process service, and surety | collateral recovery services.