Life of a private investigator

Life of a private investigator

When someone thinks of a private investigator they immediately think of characters in movies or books. Characters such as Sherlock Holmes, Dick Tracy, or the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit come to mind. Some also visualize Humphrey Bogart as the ideal Private detective persona. “Here’s looking at you kid”.

These ideas and representation aren’t too far from the truth in actuality. Well the truth that is; except for the flashy shadowed figures and smoke.  A modern day private investigator blends into the surroundings not really standing out much at all.  In fact, there could be a private investigator somewhere close by you and you may never know it.

Sure, you can pretty much do a lot of things that a private investigator can; and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. I am talking about background checks online that “guarantee” you a result for a fee. Though this can be convenient for some people, it lacks some of the details and doesn’t get you thorough results one would expect.

Investigators are trained and have picked up some skills to use other sources that usually are only available to them and law enforcement. Investigators have ways of digging up information that many would find difficult to obtain, and time consuming to acquire. This is among many things an investigator can do for their clients that proves invaluable in certain situations.

Another key role one can take on is surveillance and capturing evidence that can sway a court case one way or the other. Criminal cases require evidence to prove either the guilt or innocence of an individual. These cases are thorough and high pressure cases that require a professional. This also goes for infidelity cases where proof is needed that a spouse or partner is stepping outside the relationship with another.

Finding the location of an individual or certain asset(s) goes deeper than just what you can pull online yourself. This is known as skip tracing. A private investigator will go the distance and uncover sometimes undocumented information that can, and most times will interest you. To get this information such as phone numbers, addresses, relatives an investigator will use the tools available to them. True professionals will have access to different data banks, DMV records, and state & federal information even as far as some international information. This goes well and above what you can get online. Mind you this also includes a lot of foot work in some cases.

So when you think of a private investigator, know that they aren’t like what you thought at all, and instead are real people with real lives. They have girl friends or boyfriends, husbands and wives, and some cases even children. Their job is to provide you with a service that benefits your needs. And in doing so they can and will in most cases, take time from their lives to provide that information for you. This is a sacrifice of an investigator none will ever know unless they have been there.

Thinking about becoming an investigator? Feel free to contact us and we can help you through the process.

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