Recovery Services

A good recovery agent in Boise Idaho is tough to find unless you are looking in the right places. As professionals, we carry our specializations with a couple fugitive recovery agents in Boise and surrounding areas, As well as vehicle recovery agents in Boise and the surrounding areas. Whatever the need, you can count on our experience and skill-set to get the job done for you. Sometimes you get cases as to where a previous recovery agent just could not get the job done right and you need a fresh perspective on the case. Our agents know how to handle these cases and will work on them rekindling the fire to find the surety or collateral and take possession for you.

rec agentFugitive recovery (bail bond recovery agents, bounty hunting) is locating and re-arresting someone who misses court while out on bail. This can cause the person(s) who put up a bond to lose their collateral and or surety altogether not to mention the money to cover the bond itself. With a proven track record since 2003, MS Recoveries & Investigations will stay on the case until the bail jumper is apprehended and push for execution of the case to its full extent. Our vast network of associations and contacts across the US help us cover every state that bail bonds are owed in, as we work closely with recovery agents in that situation. this allows us to have eyes and ears across the US.


Vehicle recovery We have worked with many used car dealerships and people who are the primary title holder (lien holders) in obtaining their vehicles from people who refuse to pay what was agreed to. We average a 3 day turn around on most of these cases, and our rates are competitive. Once located we attempt at recovering the vehicle from residents, work, store, wherever an opening arises and do so without conflict. We stay within the law and keep communication during the whole process when needed. If you need a vehicle repo in Idaho let us do the repossession for you.