To Be or not to be! What’s the problem?

To Be or not to be! What’s the problem?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in a relationship where there were no troubles stirring? Not even so much as your partner looking at another person with any inkling of lust in their eyes. I think everyone wishes this was true. What drives the curiosity, how far will your partner take it? Well, there is a way to find out without trying to track their phone or taking your time to follow them wherever they go.

You can hire a Private investigator to do the job for you. Many people wonder how much a private investigator costs and how far can a private investigator go to obtain the truth that you so desperately need. Well its quite simple really. The legalities are limited to the sense that as an investigator, there are some things that absolutely can be done.

Take for instance this scenario. You meet someone and after a while together you feel they may be the love of your life. You question yourself, however, and the fact that this is the person you want to be it, the real deal. You will need to find out for certain that you are indeed the only one in their life as well.  So you start to rummage around a little bit when they are in the shower and you go through their belongings while they are at your place. After all, they left it out for you to go through right?

Just because you can do it, doesn’t necessarily mean its the right thing to do. Now, lets move forward some. You try to get into their phone to look around but instead of easy access guess what the phone is locked. No matter how hard you try and fail you can’t get into it to see its contents. So now what do you do? Do you ask them to see their phone without seeming too nosey? Its come to a point that after repeated visits with you their phone is always locked, and when they are texting and you get close they close their phone down or shut it off so it locks again.

As any normal person would feel, this can be scrupulous but you must keep a cool head. You need to know the truth if there are secrets in the dark corners of their mind or if there is someone else they may be seeing on the side. Now I am not saying your partner is cheating at this point by no means, but its one of the signs of hiding the evidence by preventing someone to see what they are actually doing. if it’s a rare occasion that they do it then it may be because they are planning a surprise and they may honestly not want you to find out because it could ruin it for you.

Now the suspicion is there where do you go moving forward? Observation is the key. when you go out – do they make eye contact with you? Do they wonder with their eyes and look at other people while they are with you? Do they adjust themselves subconsciously when an attractive person walks towards them? Yes, it may seem that these are signs but it could also be that your partner wants to help keep a good appearance and impression when around you to show they are worth having you even when that attractive person comes.

Now I am not by any means saying that these aren’t signs of a cheater, because sometimes yes it is. Especially when they deny actions without pausing or given thought to their responses. If your partner goes out to work and takes longer than it should to come home question it. Such as if their work is only twenty minutes away and they take an hour and twenty minutes and come home without evidence of possibly stopping somewhere. Or even texting you to let you know they will be late.  In fact, a most recent case I have been working on my client would message her boyfriend after calling them and sending sweet messages to them and not get a response for hours at a time or the next day. This became fishy for her and she reached out to us.

As a Private investigator in Boise, Idaho, I gain many cases that involve suspicion of infidelity. Most cases turn out to be nothing at all when others get the evidence needed to prove it.  In both scenarios, it helps our clients obtain a sense of security for themselves and what actions are needed to move forward. Moving on is tough for some people, and the thought of hiring a private investigator, to begin with, can be stressing in and of itself. don’t be afraid to reach out to hire one of us because we will do the research for you while you can rest peacefully knowing your back is covered.

A private investigator can indeed do many things for you. We can follow a subject recording them while in public places, and where a sense of privacy is not expected. We can track a GPS on a vehicle if your name is in the title. We can track a phone if you are the true owner of it, and We can pull work records and addresses, criminal backgrounds, and marriage verification. There’s plenty more we can do within the law, but certain things are restricted such as medical records, credit reports, and access to sealed records.

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