Locate People

Find Missing Person

With technology becoming easier to understand and also being the way of life for some, it is getting harder to get “off the grid”. There is always a trail when someone disappears and finding the trail and sticking with it is needed. 

Find Runaways

People run away for various reasons, and the most common is a preteen or teenager that feels they need to get away from their parents. This puts a burden on them that is counteracted with thoughts of  proving a point. 

When someone runs away they sometimes leave small clues as to where they may be going. finding these clues may be the harder part, as social media and phone records can lead to who they may have spoken to last. 

Find Friends & Family

Every now and then we lose track of those we care about. it happens when we get busy with work, health issues, school and sometimes just missing the moment. 

We at MS Recoveries & investigations can help you find those you have been out of touch with and provide you with their information.