Security Services

Idaho Security Guard


Lets face it, with the current growth of Idaho, the need for security guards in Idaho are great. Protection of people, animals, & property is needed when there is potential risk. these risks consist of assaults, vandalism, robberies and other forms of disturbances. A security guard can deter the above when present individually or as part of a security team. A security Guard may provide security for events and during the transportation of people and assets. 

Private Property

The main goal of a security guard, and security service is to watch over their clients and clients’ assets. this is a form of protection against threats of violence and assault attempts as well as other risks. a patrol of your property may be conducted to improve on your security while monitoring your property for potential criminal activity. 

Private Security

Our company has provided personal security services for many clients that require it. With observation skills and attention to detail, Private investigators can monitor and record suspicious activities, and guard the patron as to which hired them. 

Event Security

Security guards in Idaho are commonly seen during special events. During these events, it is imperative to ensure everyone present is in a controlled and safe environment. The security guard in an event will become a visible authoritarian figure capable of deterrence. The security guard will guard high-traffic areas and will be monitoring all visitors to the event. The event security guard will also check the identification or passes of visitors or will have the ability to issue passes as well. 

Commercial Security

For commercial security, the security guard will take charge of metal detector and bag-checking security procedures. The guard will prevent access to restricted areas as well as prevention measures in regards to photos or videos of the restricted areas. The guard will be responsible to perform routine inspections of the areas they are guarding as well as securing specific areas during maintenance work and emergencies.

The security Guard will participate in rescue operations with firefighters and police. They will detect criminal or dangerous and detain possible suspects and inform police about the criminal incidents

Security Camera

Security guards will be trained in and have expertise in monitoring surveillance equipment.  they will monitor activities on security camera video monitors, as well as staying alert and observant reporting suspicious activities. Security guards will be able to recognise potential threats and take steps to mitigate them.