Private Investigation


The surveillance operation is a critical component to any successful investigation. It provides contact, interactions and whereabouts documentation for subjects that may be involved in suspicious behavior or crimes such as fraud; it also can help solve missing person cases when performed properly with proper photography equipment like video cameras .

For Lawyers & Law Firms

When you’re a legal investigator, it is your job to find and analyze information that will help the law firm win cases. You must be skilled at finding relevant statutory or case laws along with rules for preserving evidence so they’re admissible during trial- which means knowing how long certain things stay fresh depending on what type of crime was committed!

Unsolved Crime & Cold Cases

Have you been involved in a case that remains unsolved? MS Recoveries & Investigations can help. We bring our private investigators to the table for high profile murder, kidnapping or any other felony crime investigations where clients need more information from their cases and want them solved as quickly but also accurately possible!

Private Security

Private eyes have been around for centuries, and they’re still going strong. Whether you need to monitor your spouse or keep tabs on employees who might be planning an exit strategy; our company will provide discreet services that are tailored just right!

Financial Fraud

The financial investigation is a crucial tool in the arsenal of any law enforcement agency. It can be used to try and determine where money comes from, how it moves through various levels within an organization- whether that’s corporate or individual level -and then finally onto what happens with all those funds once they reach their final destination(s). A successful completion will often result into some formers; theft cases along side embezzlement schemes which may have gone unnoticed otherwise due both parties being happy enough just realizing each others’ existence let alone working together against

Identity Theft

Identity theft is a costly and dangerous crime that can ruin your financial status for years to come.  Identity thieves steal everything from credit card numbers, bank account information- even Social Security Numbers! You should always keep an eye on what’s going into (and coming out) of)your wallet each month; if left unchecked this criminal activity could lead not only debt but also lowered credibility when applying future jobs or resources like student loans .

Criminal Background Check

The Internet is an excellent resource for information, but it’s not always accurate or complete. Private investigator can ensure that you’re getting the most up-to date data on your subject and help verify any records found online with their expertise in detail of findings – which could save time waiting around!