Security Guard in Boise, Idaho

Security Guards in Boise

Boise, Idaho Security Guard

The city of trees is a great place to reside for many people. From the Boise State University Football games, floating downriver and jogging along green belts there’s always something fun happening in this beautiful little town! With all these different events going on it makes sense why residents love living here so much

Protection against crime can be difficult without an experienced security company like MS Recoveries & Investigations who knows what they’re doing when running one themselves – but luckily we’ve got you covered because no matter where your business may take us (even upstream!) our team will make sure everything stays safe as ever around the Bronco Land

Our standing with Boise, Idaho

MS Recoveries and Investigations has proudly served the community with our services, which have received many accolades from Boise residents. With recent growth in security guard needs for businesses like yours comes a high demand across all industries – including law enforcement restructured recently? The need is now greater than ever before! That’s where we come into play at MSRI; by providing professional dedicated guards on-site quickly any time you need them (instead of waiting around).

About us

When it comes to security, we know that you can’t beat the experience. MS Recoveries & Investigations is ready and willing take on any challenge – whether they are new challenges in Boise or just some extra work around town!

When you need security, protection or investigation services in Boise look no further than MS Recoveries & Investigations. We support our military and law enforcement families through annual donations to the Wounded Warriors Project as well as Shop with a cop foundations that help provide donated items for those less fortunate.

Association & Affiliation:

Private Investigators Association of Idaho  (Owner: Matthew Schultz on board of directors and current Sergeant at Arms)

National Association of Fugitive Recovery Agents (standard membership)

Idaho Association of Criminal Defense lawyers (standard membership)

Veterans of Foreign Wars  (Owner: Matthew Schultz Lifetime membership)