Security Guard in Nampa, Idaho

Nampa, Idaho Security Guard

Nampa Idaho allows you to do much more then just live and work. it provides a great thriving environment that is rich in endless natural beauty, local history, and a cultural and economic well being. Everything from cultural institutions, vibrant public spaces to nature and recreational opportunities allows for a great quality of life.  

Security guards in Nampa, Idaho are needed regularly to maintain the quality of life expected by Nampa’s citizens. With so many people enjoying life in Nampa, security is a definitive need to maintain it all. MS Recoveries & Investigations knows what it takes to run a security company in Nampa, Idaho to keep our residents safe. 

Security Guard in Nampa, Idaho

We have proudly served the community with our service, winning accolades from the city of Nampa for doing so. With the popularity and  recent growth, the need for security guards in Nampa Idaho has become a a necessity. With Law enforcement recently being thinned out, the need for security guards in Nampa has risen. This not only helps if there is a delay in responses from law enforcement personnel, but MS Recoveries & Investigations can put a security guard in Nampa for any situation as it arises.  

About us

Security guard services in Nampa, Idaho need to be professional and meet the expected requirements and MS Recoveries & Investigations  continues to grow with the need for security guards. MS Recoveries & Investigations is ready to step up and take on any challenge and show why we strive to be the top security company in Nampa, Idaho. 

We offer internships allowing for college students to follow our security guards in Nampa to fully understand what it takes to be on patrol, create reports and have attention to detail and cross train with our private investigators and security teams together.

MS Recoveries & Investigations is more then just a security guard company in Nampa and it shows. We provide annual donations to the Wounded Warriors Project and Shop with a cop

Association & Affiliation:

Private Investigators Association of Idaho  (Owner: Matthew Schultz on board of directors and current Sergeant at Arms)

National Association of Fugitive Recovery Agents (standard membership)

Idaho Association of Criminal Defense lawyers (standard membership)

Veterans of Foreign Wars  (Owner: Matthew Schultz Lifetime membership)