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Why would someone hire a private investigator to find out information on me?

I have been asked on several occasions if I was following the person or not via a phone call. The question comes as if paranoia had stricken that individual for something that may have happened in the past, or someone looking for them that they have chosen to forget about. The fact they have the urge to call around to various investigators indicate the concern is real, and that they themselves feel that there is some reason just to check to be on the safe side. Usually when I receive a call asking the question, I am able to assure them that I myself have not been following them, but it doesn’t mean that someone else may or may not be. However, on the same note, if I was investigating a person I most wouldn’t want to tell them due to the nature of my work.

The first reason, and most common, is that someone is trying to find you to give you some important documentation. This documentation can range from court proceedings, to debt. To the individuals trying to locate you they may have been having a hard time or perhaps have had returned mail indicating you no longer live at a previous address and the documentation they need to get to you is important enough to locate you.

If you are injured on the job and starting to collect workman’s compensation for your injuries’ this is an expense most businesses want to ensure is legit. Especially, if it has incapacitated you from being able to conduct your normal work routine. Even though your injuries are real and you are indeed in too much pain to get back to work, this can lead to costs into millions depending on the severity of the injuries. A private investigator in this situation is hired and brought in to watch you for a set time to make sure that you aren’t doing actions that allegedly can induce the pain you claim prevents you from working.

As above, if you are involved in an accident that injuries’ occur, you may also be observed by an investigator to ensure a you aren’t just looking for a payout. The accident can happen in a place of business, such as items on a shelf falling off and hitting you, a slip and fall, or even a runaway cart. Or a vehicle collision resulting in injuries that may also lead to thousands of dollars by insurance companies.

Sometimes, an investigator may be brought in for domestic reasons such as suspicion of adultery. The spouse or partner may suspect you are stepping out on them and want the proof of your actions violating the sanctity of the relationship. In these moments you will most likely not even suspect a private investigator to be that person drinking a table across from you or watching from afar. A good investigator will follow you at distance, and will maintain visual surveillance to prove whether or not you are indeed seeing another person. Then depending on the client, the evidence will go where needed and may be used against you.

Child custody cases is a family court situation where one parent may be trying to find out information on whether or not you are a capable parent during times with your child. It is our job to observe and report the way you act around your children, the people they become subject to and whether or not they are being cared for appropriately. An investigator will care less if you have a partner, or certain habits as long as it doesn’t impact your ability to care for your children and their wellbeing.

Last but not least, one of the biggest reasons an investigator is hired to find out about you is to see who you are. This means that someone is trying to find out your moral character. Either they are trying to make sure you are who you say before moving forward with jobs or a relationship. Maybe you have given off a bad vibe of a dark hidden past. There are many reasons beyond this and honestly too many to list. So the best advice I would give is to be upfront and honest depending on your situation. If you feel you are being watched, there are always options but the biggest option is to live your life as you should, If you find an investigator is indeed maintaining tabs on you, remember it is our job we walk on a grey line and don’t sway to either side. We provide facts based of observation and sometimes find ourselves debunking expectations of our clients.

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